(6 weeks to 2 years old)

In addition to all of the care and nurturing that takes place with our infants and toddlers, the teachers stimulate their senses to encourage mental and physical development.


(2 year olds)

This program expands on the foundation learned in our toddler program. The daily schedule is a little bit more structured and is based on preparing them for preschool by learning all the basics such as shapes, colors, letters and numbers. Potty training is worked on in this classroom.


(3 years old by Sept. 1st)

In this program, the children start recognizing letter names, grasping the fine motor concept of writing the letters, incorporating into writing their names. The basic skills in language, math, spanish, geography and science are worked on to prepare them for Pre-K.


(4 years old by Sept. 1st)

This is an important year for the children. Your child will gain the final skills to prepare them for Kindergarten. In our preschool program we include literacy and math skills from the Core State Standards. Your child will work on letter sound relationships, how to sound out familiar words and how to read and recognize sight words. They will learn the basic math concepts along with basic geography skills.

School Age Programs

We have two different programs, during the school year we offer a before and after school enrichment program. In this program, children are given time to work on school work along with activities planned by the teachers.

During the summer we kick into high gear with our summer camp program, where the children go swimming and attend weekly field trips.


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